Providing the Edge in IoT

The network of machine-to-machine communication, or the Internet of Things, is rapidly evolving within both suburban and industrial environments; driving the development of smart technology solutions for improving the efficiency of day-to-day activities. Established in 2017, mIoT is a pioneer in manufacturing IoT technology that is able to be used across a broad range of industries and applications. The Captis range of cellular data loggers transmit measurements and readings from sensors and meters to an IoT cloud platform. The cloud platform then gathers and analyses this data in order to supply reports or apply business rules.

One Device for Your IoT Ecosystem

Captis Pulse

Captis Pulse Lite

Captis Metrum

Captis Multi

Captis Power

Captis Solar

Key Features

Unrivaled Coverage

In Australia, the Captis range of cellular data loggers are partnered with Telstra’s comprehensive and easy to use IoT data management platform and connects to Australia’s largest LTE-M network –  providing unrivaled coverage.

Practical IoT Solutions

The Captis range of cellular data loggers are battery powered and have GPS capabilities, meaning you can easily install Captis in remote areas and return to it’s location weeks, months or years later.


The Captis range of cellular data loggers are sold directly through Telstra on a scalable price model to accommodate projects and budgets of all scale and size.