Our World Class Partners

Established in 2017, mIoT is a pioneer in manufacturing IoT technology that is able to be used across a broad range of industries and applications.

The Captis range of cellular data loggers transmit measurements and readings from sensors and meters to an IoT cloud platform.

Amplex is a Danish based company with its headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city.

Amplex is a global pioneer of Utility Intelligence, the discipline that improves the efficiency and environmental impact of the cities and the utility infrastructures that serve them.

At GETS we believe that Utility Intelligence is the logical first step towards smarter, greener cities that cost less to run

We are committed to treating people with respect and dignity. Above all, we hold honesty and integrity as our guiding principles. Our customers play a very crucial role in our success. We are therefore customer focused and driven to exceed their expectations.

At GETS, we are focused on the needs of our customers, consequently all solutions are customised according to their requirements and recently the network of m2m communication, or the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly evolving within both suburban and industrial environments, driving the development of smart technology solutions for improving efficiency of day to day activities.

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